About Us

Here at CryptoFits, we take cryptocurrency seriously.

What does that mean?

We aren’t here for the quick gains, and we aren’t here to find which trendy altcoin will get “pumped”. In short, Crypto Fits truly believes in cryptocurrency and the potential of blockchain to change the world, and the way that we interact with it.

We aren’t here to just preach HODLing - we are also here to spread the word about cryptocurrency, use it wherever we can, support businesses that support cryptocurrency, and try to educate people about it. We hope that our products and clothing spark conversations worldwide about cryptocurrency, and help you, your family, and friends, spread the word, as well.

A little bit about me - I’m a blue collar guy that takes clothing seriously. My passion for clothing isn’t new, and I’ve been in the printing business for 24 years - since I was 16 years old! I felt like it was time to combine my two passions, which is what led to the creation of Crypto Fits.

I want to do my part towards helping mass adoption, and create quality clothing that customers love at the same time. We aren’t a gimmick, we aren’t just here to exploit a trend - Crypto Fits is real, and believes in the art of clothing, and the future of cryptocurrency.

We hope you do, too.


Jordan Oleno, founder of CryptoFits.