The Crypto Show

The Crypto Show

     There are many shows that have explored the themes of Hollywood, entertainment, and friendship, but perhaps none of them have permeated pop culture like the HBO hit TV show Entourage. The show ran for eight seasons between 2004 to 2011, and also spawned a feature film, as well.

Kevin Connolly, one of the stars of the show, appears to be involved in a show that wants to explore Hollywood and cryptocurrency. Although the project is not yet attached to a company, the executive producers are embedded within the cryptocurrency sector, and hope to find a home for the show relatively soon.

Appearance At Conference

Kevin Connolly became famous for portraying the manager of fictional movie star Vincent Chase in Entourage. He doesn’t appear to be stepping back from Hollywood, as he is involved with a new show by the name of “Cryptos”. He appeared at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami to spread the word about the show.

Connolly acknowledged that he wasn’t extremely knowledgeable about the subject, but pointed out that many individuals were interested in the space, and that could work to the show’s advantages. He stated: “The thing that scares people about crypto is a lack of understanding. People like myself are still learning, but the curiosity is there.”

Premise Of Show

Interestingly enough, the show still focuses on Hollywood. It’s well-known that the film industry is a difficult industry to break into, and the plot centers around a group of friends that turn to cryptocurrency as a way to finance their movies.

The show has two individuals as executive producers, Jason King, and Erik Sords. For context, King co-founded the Academy School of Blockchain, aimed at educating the masses about blockchain technology. Sords is actually behind a Dionysia, the “world’s first decentralized global studio”, which has obvious connections to the plot of the show.